IT infrastructure KazNU  is a system of integrated and interconnected operation of automated information technologies University:

  •     a data network (LAN, Wi-Fi);
  •     Internet gateway (access to the Internet, firewall, traffic control, e-mail);
  •     data centers (servers, storage, backup systems);
  •     information security systems;
  •     client workstations (PCs, terminals);
  •     engineering infrastructure (SCS, backup power systems, air conditioning systems, etc.);
  •     printing system; video surveillance system;
  •     access control systems;
  •     infrastructure applications (the system of university management, electronic document management system, Internet resources, etc.).

Information service:

  •      Information Site of the University;
  •      a site of international cooperation;
  •      digital library portal;
  •      Site"Keremet" Students Service Center
  •      site of the Alumni Association;
  •      promo entrant "Welcome KazNU";
  •      virtual tour of the campus killings;
  •    virtual tour of the Museum of the History of execution.

IT Infrastructure Services:

  •      provision of 100% coverage of the campus Wi-Fi-network;
  •      Organization of online video conferencing;
  •      organization of work Global classroom;
  •      the functioning of the local university television;
  •      the functioning of the local university to Internet radio;
  •      Services of printing the corridor;
  •      organization of work line printing;
  •      SSO integrated information system of university management.