The Keremet service center for students operates e-government zone with using public access points.

Public access point (PAP) – device similar to cash machine or multicash (payment terminal) which allows public services obtainment distantly without Internet connection. With the help of PAPs you may obtain reference information, print out the documents and references.

The list of the services provided through the Public access points

PAPs are equipped with USB-slots for EDS. Owing to EDS you may obtain the following public services within a few minutes:

·         State fee for obtaining passport

·         State fee for identity card obtainment

·         Issue of certificate on existance or absence of conviction record

·         Payment of property tax of individual entities

·         Acceptance of the reference on participation of individual entity in legal entity

·         Get information about the land parcel belonging

·         State fee for registration of residence (registration)

·         Verification on availability of prohibition for going abroad by debtors’ registry, who are restricted to go abroad and by debtors’ registry on enforcement proceedings

·         Payment of penalty fee, penalty, arrears in respect of taxes of individual entities

·         Abstract of the pension savings (with the investment income account) from the Integrated Accumulative Pension Fund for depositor (payee)

·         Payment of land tax from individual entities on lands of settlements

·         Issue of references on registered and discontinued rights for the real estate

·         Issuance of the certificate of the participation of legal entities in other legal entities

·         Issue of certificate confirming the attachment of applicant (of the family) to the recipients of address social assistance

·         Сhild queuing for kindergarten

·         Searching and payment for the administrative forfeits and fines for the road traffic regulations

·         Issuance of the application to technical data sheet containing data on the owner (proprietor) of real estate

·         Obtaining unemployment certificate

·         Obtaining the reference on specification of the address of a real estate object in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

·         Payment for tax on vehicles

·         Issue of reference on absence (presence) of real property