Provide youth accessible and quality social services is a major challenge Flagship university education - Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. "Keremet" Students Service Center "Al-Farabi university smart city» - a virtuous city for students, was opened on the initiative of the rector G. Mutanov on the territory of the university. The idea of ​​establishing the Center is based on the teachings of the great philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi on the virtuous city.

"Keremet" Students Service Center is the first and so far the only one in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, created at the University of providing socially important services to students, do not yield the largest student service centers of leading universities in the world.

Elegant modern interiors and technology, located on 7500 square meters, offer visitors the latest high-performance automated system maintenance. The structure consists of a Center of pavilions and departments , providing training and educational, medical , social, domestic, cultural - leisure and other services , under the current legislation of RK.

One of the most versatile services in the center are educational and training. Here, services to students and faculty through the "single window" provide: registrar office, the office of the student, the sector of international security, military-mobilization department, passport office, the department of accounting and reporting.

In order to expand the services provided to the PSC signed a memorandum on the establishment of zones of e-government and e-gov e-services of the University, promoting the formation of the staff and students of e-culture and familiarizing the use of e-government services, created a mobile PSC Almaty.

For the development of medical management and improve the quality of medical services open International Kazakh-Korean diagnostic center equipped with modern medical equipment, logistics operation based on international standards and new innovative technologies. The main direction - providing the full range of screening examinations of students and faculty of the university.

After graduating from university, students here will be supported by specialists from the Center for career and business services employment. The Center focuses unified database of employers and job seekers.

Apart from employment, the services offered by the bank, lawyer, tourist agency, air and railway ticket office and financial center of MES RK.

Particular attention was paid to the Center of the youth policy, joining student organizations. In his spare time, students can obtain the services of a cinema, cafe, bookstore, supermarket, studio, studio, beauty salon, laundry, kiosk stationery and many other services.

"Keremet Students Service Center «Al-Farabi university smart city» Al-Farabi Kazakh National University - the project successful future, the continuation of which will serve as an incentive for improvement and implementation of similar systems in other universities of Kazakhstan!


Sincerely, Director of "Keremet" Students Service Center
 Al-Farabi  Kazakh National University
Bayandinova Sayran Mukhtarkanovna