Campus KazNU, which includes 15 dormitories - a big house, which comprises more than 5 500 students from different regions of the country associated with the pursuit of knowledge to comprehend and conquer new heights. The warm atmosphere and the comfort of home await you in each student's home.

In order to resolve the whole spectrum of problems students living in hostels, there is a special body of the student government - the Supreme Council of the student hostels, which organizes activities and the process of settling students. In KazNU hostels and campuses operates a wireless network access to the Internet WI-FI.  The campus operates facility for high-grade education and leisure: beautiful sports center with a gym, sports fields and sections  Students Service Center " Keremet " with all the educational, welfare, health, shopping and entertainment services for students, private cinema,a net of reading rooms, a powerful library that provides students with the necessary educational literature, internet café on 300 seats.

House student KNU different comfort, safety, and have all the conditions for living. Students live in two- and four-bed rooms. In the homes of students has created all the conditions for living, learning and recreation. For students studying in the House are equipped with reading rooms, computer classes are created. Conference rooms designed for various events. In the homes of students there are grocery stores, cafeterias, coffee shops, terminals to recharge phones, copy centers. Close equipped sports and entertainment venues, football field. Student houses are equipped with surveillance cameras, recording on each floor and controlled by guards. When you enter the houses of the students are living through electronic badge. From 23.00 h. To 6.00 h. In the morning in the area of ​​student homes guards on duty.

 The University is committed to providing a place in a hostel for all. Student houses are located on the campus of the KNU. This year was open house for young scientists Treasury for masters and doctoral students with increased comfort with 500 seats.

For any questions, please contact the hostel in the settlements in the department. Check in student homes each year starting from the 25th of August.